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It's time to stop overpaying for payment processing and start saving! If you're still tangled in the web of traditional payment processors with their high fees, hidden charges, and increasing costs you might be spending more than you should. Many businesses, just like yours, are unaware of how much they can save with the right payment processing partner.

Who Is This For?

Our custom payment processing solutions can work for any business bringing in at least $20,000 per month in revenue and is:

-Paying a fixed rate for payment processing

-Waiting 2+ business days to get your funds

-Wants to avoid a large processor holding your funds unexpectedly

-Tired of getting screwed by your current processor

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What Makes Us Different?


1) Determine Your Total Savings

Business Payment Processing

Our team quickly uncovers potential savings on your payment processing fees. Our concise analysis of your business compares your current costs with our competitive rates, revealing clear opportunities for savings. Enhance your financial efficiency.

2) Integrate Into Your Business

Payment Solutions

Experience swift approval and effortless setup. Our process is designed for speed and simplicity, ensuring your payment processing system is integrated quickly and securely into your business operations. Transact faster with minimal hassle.

3) Get Paid & Enjoy The Benefits

Payment Processing

Begin reaping the benefits of your new payment processing system immediately. Enjoy faster access to your funds and ongoing savings, enhancing your cash flow and profitability with each transaction. It's time to elevate your financial performance!

What We Give YOUR Business

  • Reduced Processing Fees: Save on every transaction with competitive, transparent pricing. KEEP MORE OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY

  • Quick Set Up: Get your payment system up and running swiftly and without hassle. START SAVING FAST

  • Faster Funds Access: Receive payments quicker, improving your cash flow. GET YOUR MONEY QUICKER

  • Customizable Solutions: Tailor the payment system to fit your unique business needs. SMOOTH & SEAMLESS TRANSITIONS

  • No Hidden Fees: Our straightforward pricing means no unexpected charges. NO SURPRISES

  • Scalable Solutions: Grow your payment capabilities as your business expands. MORE GROWTH = MORE SAVINGS


Why We Exist

At the core of our journey lies a story of transformation, inspired by our own experiences with payment processors. We faced numerous challenges and inefficiencies with large, impersonal payment processing systems, which burdened us with high and ever-increasing fees, complex processes, and inadequate support. This misalignment with the real needs of businesses prompted us to seek a better solution.

Driven by a desire to improve, we immersed ourselves in the world of payment processing. Our mission was clear: to create a solution that not only worked for our business but also empowered other businesses facing similar struggles. We envisioned a system that was fair, transparent, and genuinely supportive – a stark contrast to the cumbersome and costly processes we had endured.

Our solution was born out of necessity, shaped by the experiences of professionals who understand the unique demands and challenges of various businesses. We've transformed our insights into a payment processing service that truly aligns with the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

We exist to bridge the gap between businesses and efficient, affordable payment processing. Our goal is to offer a service that goes beyond mere transactions; we aim to provide a partnership that supports business growth, financial clarity, and operational ease.

We're not just a service provider; we're your ally in navigating the complexities of payment processing, ensuring that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How quickly can I set up my payment processing system?

A: Setting up your account is fast and straightforward. Most businesses can get up and running within a few days, depending on their specific requirements.

Q: Are there any setup fees or hidden charges?

A: No, we pride ourselves on transparency. There are no setup fees or hidden charges. You'll always know exactly what you're paying for. That's what makes us different than the sea of other processors.

Q: Is customer and transaction data secure?

A: Absolutely. We use advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure all data is secure and compliant with industry standards.

Q: Can I integrate this system with my existing software?

A: Yes, our payment processing system is designed to integrate seamlessly with most softwares, simplifying your financial management and overall experience with us!

Q: How are refunds handled?

A: Refunds are straightforward to process. You can issue them directly through our platform, with the amount being credited back to the customer's payment method.

Q: Can I set up recurring billing for regular customers?

A: Yes, our system allows you to easily set up recurring billing, which is ideal for managing subscriptions or regular service fees.

Q: How do I receive my payments?

A: Payments are directly deposited into your designated bank account. You can choose the frequency of these deposits as per your business needs.

Q: How can I track my transactions and financial data?

A: Our system provides real-time reporting and analytics, allowing you to track transactions, view financial data, and gain insights into your business's performance.

Q: Who does this work best for?

A: Our payment processing system works best for any service business that is processing $50,000+ in revenue per year. Or a business than is on pace to process $50,000+ within the next 12 months. (The more you are processing, the more that you will save!)

Q: How much will this change how I currently accept payment?

While it can save you money and get you paid faster, it won't impact anything about how you currently accept payment. As a customized solution, we can tie into your existing systems so that nothing changes for you and you can save more and get paid faster!

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